Funerals by Civil Celebrants
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Table of Contents - Funeral articles


x The Diploma of Funeral Celebrancy - A summary of why it is necessary to complete an adequate course of study
x Keynote Address - by Dally Messenger to the Best Practice Funerals Conference 2005
x Funeral Ceremonies : College Standard of Service
x Plan your own Funeral Ceremony: A Kathleen Hurley plan for ensuring your funeral (or anyone's !) has dignity.
x Celebrant Funerals - advice to clients. Things they should know before engaging a civil Funeral Celebrant.
x Funeral Standards, Fees, and prices - Information for clients. What is the normal procedure? Religion, Fees.
x Info-6p-Pamphlet-pdf - A 6 panel pamphlet for use by College Students and Graduates
x Choosing a CFC - Advice to clients on how to choose a Civil Funeral Celebrant
x Funeral Readings & poetry - "poet Laureate" of Australia, and graduate of the College, chooses poems forom the classics
x Funeral Music - celebrant Pamela Adams provides a short resource list of oft chosen songs and music.
x Pet Funerals - Information about tributres to loved pets
x TIME on Funerals - TIME article on secular funerals in Australia and New Zealand, featuring the principal and some graduates of the College
x Ockham's Razor-Funerals -Dally Messenger recorded this summary of secular funerals for the Australian Boradcasting Commission
x O'Connor-Funerals - Ideals and reality in secular Funerals — harm done by Funeral Directors. The tale of two sisters.
x O'Connor-Funerals&CMCs - Celebrant O'Connor observes a top class colleague - reflections on fees and other ceremonies
x Rayner-Funerals et alia - Barrister, Celebrant, Graduate of the College, Moira Rayner, on the ACCC and Funerals
x First Funeral - Celebrant Carolyn Shaw writes about her first funeral and her preparation.
x Hurley-TraumaticFunerals - A lecture by Kathleen Hurley about the traumatic experience of unexpected death.

x Foreword for Dorward: Neil Dorward has published a new book on Delivering Funerals

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see Module links below

Diploma of Marriage Celebrancy
Modules 1, 2, and 3

Diploma of Funeral Celebrancy
Modules 1, 2, and 4

Diploma of General Celebrancy
Modules 1, 2, and 5

Advanced Dip of Marriage Celebrancy
Modules 1, 2, 3 and 6

Advanced Dip of Funeral Celebrancy
Modules 1, 2, 4 and

Advanced Dip of General Celebrancy
Modules 1, 2, 5 and 6

Graduate Diploma of Celebrancy
All 8 Modules

Module 1 - The History Nature and Development of Ceremony

Module 2 - Public Speaking, Management and Choreography

Module 3 - Wedding Celebrancy in Practice

Module 4 - Funeral Celebrancy in Practice

Module 5 - General Celebrancy in Practice

Module 6 - Celebrancy as a Profession & Small Business

Module 7 - The History, Nature and Development of Secular Celebrancy

Module 8 - Values, Ideals and Spirituality